Reg & Curvy JB Sunny Side Up Front Yoke Skinnies
Reg & Curvy JB Sunny Side Up Front Yoke Skinnies

Reg & Curvy JB Sunny Side Up Front Yoke Skinnies

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Model fit: Allyssa is a size 6 regular in even pants sizing and a size  She is pictured in the size 5 in this pair (Normal even size 6 regular minus one to find her true Judy Blue size 5) 


Fit: This pair is PERFECT worn true to size for ALL sizes.  (see below for full fit help by size)


How to size (quick explanation): For size for 2-16 regular (size down 1 from your even size to find your odd size. Size 14 regular, wears a 13,….size 12, wears the 11 for example) and 14-24W stay true to size.  See full fit help below.  For size 0-8 ladies who have narrow hips and ALWAYS like a super fitted waist, you can size down 1 further for a booty pop locked and loaded fit.


Fabric: 94 cotton 5 poly 1 spandex 


Fabric Feel: Stretchy Soft Thick Denim (high cotton content) / Lightweight stretchy denim (lower cotton content)

Regular size 1-15 Measurements:

Inseam: 28 inches 

Rise: 11.5 inches 


Plus size 14w-18w Measurements:

Inseam: 28 inches 

Rise: 12 inches 


To find your Judy Blue size, make sure you’re using your Normal every day pant/dress/dress pant size. If you compare to stores with Novelty Sizing like Torrid/Lane Bryant, you may start off with the wrong fit.

In this pair, find your true size:


18W wears an 18W

16W wears a 16W

14W wears a 14W 

On the CUSP of sizing and not quite sure??

Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  

  • Size 14 regular is often a 15 in department stores and a 13 in Judy Blue 
  • Size 16 regular can sometimes wear the 16/17 Junior Plus sizing and often prefers a size 15 in Judy Blue
  • If you’re a 16/17 but like a women’s/Missy fit then try the 14w.  
  • 14w-24w women’s cuts in the hips/thighs and calves will be true to size

Size 16 regular wears a 15 in JB

Size 14 regular wears a 13 in JB

Size 12 regular wears an 11 in JB

Size 10 regular wears a 9 in JB

Size 8 regular wear a 8 in JB

Size 6 regular wears a 5 in JB

Size 4 regular wears a 3 in JB

Size 2 regular wears a 1 in JB

Size 1 regular wears a zero in JB

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